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Tips to hire a good locksmith

You need a locksmith. You are planning on calling one. What is so difficult about that? Actually, there is more to getting a GOOD locksmith than simply picking up the phone and calling the first one that is listed. All locksmiths are not alike! Like any other profession, there are different levels of skill, ethics and experience. So how on earth do you pick a “good” locksmith? Read on and we’ll tell you!


Aren’t we a little biased? After all, we ARE locksmiths! Griffin Master Locksmiths is an established, full-service lock and key firm in the greater Griffin, Georgia area. That being said, you don’t have to use our licensed, bonded and insured technicians. Many people reading this don’t even live in the metro area. We want folks to know how to hire a good locksmith for their needs, not to add business to ours! 

Horror stories

We’ve all heard them; friends, family members, and co-workers that have had bad experiences with vendors like movers, plumbers, roofers and of course, locksmiths. What things distinguish the good from the not so good? Don’ worry; we’ll cover that! Even after reading our tips, we encourage you to do some due diligence on finding the right technicians for your needs. Don’t worry; it’s not much trouble and it will all be worth it!


Let’s start with something really important; credentials. You’ll want your locksmith to be licensed, as well as covered by insurance and bonded. Now, if you have a basic handyman job for your technician, he or she doesn’t need to be “over the top” qualified. Let’s say you need a key made for a side gate. You can get it made at your local Home Depot or gas station. No big deal. But if you want lock upgrades for your home’s front door or new transponder keys for your car; do the smart thing and hire that locksmith with credentials. A technician that is dedicated enough to get all of his authorizations and accreditation in place will usually do a very good job for you. When calling a shop, be sure to inquire about credentials and if the person you are talking to shies away from answering questions; move on to the next ones!


Contrary to popular thought, the best locksmiths are NOT the most expensive ones! Many established and high-quality shops are very affordable and offer honest dealings along with reasonable and sensible rates. How can you tell which ones? Just ask! Call or visit and see if price quotes are cheerfully and freely given. Most full service and established shops will have no problem with this, in fact, they will probably offer no-charge and no-obligation quotes. Your better locksmiths will want to get and keep your business by providing great prices, amazing service and not try and “burn” you by overcharging once just to make a little more money.

Quality lock hardware

It never hurts to ask. Inquire about lock hardware and products. What brands are used by your potential locksmith? Remember the adage that you get what you pay for? It’s often true and when it comes to locks, keys and related products, it is especially true. A well-run locksmith shop will do enough business where they don’t have to overcharge for their products, even if they are name brand. We recommend locksmith names like Medeco, Baldwin, Kwikset, Schlage, ASSA, Master, Sentry, Falcon, Von Duprin, Ace, Primus, Mul-T-Lock, Abloy, Sentex and BiLock to name a few. Remember; your locks guard what is valuable and important to you. Aren’t they worth getting the best?

24-hour service

This one hardly needs explanation, but here goes! Lockouts, lost keys and lock failure don’t keep business hours; just the opposite! It often seems like locksmith problems wait until nights, weekends and holidays to occur; just when we least expect them to or when we are most vulnerable to the havoc this causes. Some locksmith problems can wait until morning or Monday when the shop opens but most can’t! You need a locksmith that can come when you need him to; not when the shop opens later! While we are on the subject; make sure that your locksmiths of choice offer mobile service and fast response times. It doesn’t do any good to have a 24-hour locksmith shop on call if no one shows up or if they have to take an UBER to get to you! A fully stocked and gassed mobile locksmith vehicle is essential for those unexpected times when you need help fast! Ask how your emergency locksmith is notified. Do they use live answer telephone help or do they rely on outdated answering machines or voice mail that might not get answered? Not to be overly picky but all of these things can make a difference when you find yourself locked out or struggling to deal with lock break-in damage.

You need a full-service shop!

Think for a second. Why do you need a locksmith? Are you having your door locks rekeyed at home? Did your transponder key break off in the lock and now you need a new one? Did your property management company insist that you add a panic bar to the back door of your business? What if you needed all three locksmith tasks done? Would you need to call three locksmith shops; each one specializing in a different type of service? A full-service locksmith company will offer residential, commercial, automotive and of course, emergency locksmith services. Many of these overlaps and the best technicians have experience and training in all of these categories.

Take a poll

Lastly, ask around and talk to people you trust about their locksmith experienced and recommendations. Be sure to discount cheap and unlicensed help as we’ve already shown that these are not so good. Rely instead on reports of prompt work done by cheerful and mobile locksmith technicians that are proud of their work and profession. Great locksmiths are out there; you just have to find them.!