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Griffin Master Locksmiths - Panic Bars, Importance in Commercial Property

Panic bars – you have probably heard of them, although perhaps you know panic bars by a different name. You might have heard them called a push bar, exit bar, emergency bar, panic device, crash bar or even a crash device. Regardless of the name, the purpose remains unchanged. This is a security feature that was created to give you additional protection in an emergency. And let’s face it – we can never know when an emergency might happen. 

Do you have a panic bar at your commercial property so that if there is an emergency at your property, people can get out fast? If you own a business, you have a responsibility to keep those coming into your property safe. The fact that you are demonstrating an interest in crash bars shows that you are a responsible property owner, so kudos to you! We will discuss the benefits of having a panic bar, and their importance in commercial properties.  

First, the basics: a panic bar will be placed on a fire exit door. Its goal? To prevent trampling from occurring if a crowd were to need to get out of your property fast.  

Panic Bar Benefits 

The panic device offers you a means of being able to quickly open the door, from the inside. Don’t worry, no one can use it to break into your property.  A panic bar helps you because it allows for one to get out by pressing down on the bar on the door, rather than fumbling around with a knob or lock. You will see a panic bar on other doors – not merely fire exit doors. Maybe you’ve noticed them when you’re sitting down at the movie theater, waiting for the flick to start. Or perhaps the last time you went shopping for clothes at your favorite retail boutique, you pressed down on one when exiting the store.

When the bar is pushed (it’s a metal bar), the door is unlatched. This happens because a mechanism which is activated when the bar is pressed at a downward angle. In some states, panic bars are the law.

Have you looked into the law where you live?  

Let’s take a look here at why panic bars are beneficial to commercial property owners: 

  • Better insurance costs – Your insurance could potentially decrease because of having a panic device. Why? Insurance should go down when your property is safer. 
  • More safety – People can exit fast if an emergency takes place, like a robbery, fire, flood and so forth.  
  • There are many options - fire-rated, different materials (steel) and so on. You are sure to find one that fits within your budget and matches what you are looking for. 
  • There are many different prices so call your local locksmith and ask for a price quote on crash bars. Don’t assume they are out of reach because of cost. 

Just take a few moments of your time to think about what would happen if there were too many people to safely get out of your building in an emergency such as a fire. Maybe you are limited by capacity at your place of work, but even if you had, say, 20 people in your building, would they be able to get out without trampling each other? Would people be able to get out fast enough so that they could avoid injury, or would they get hurt while trying to evacuate? The peace of mind brought about by panic bars is priceless. 

Panic Bar Installation – Find a Locksmith You Can Trust!

Griffin Master Locksmiths provides what you need to better protect your business, to include services like panic bar installation in Griffin, GA. Our team of experts want you to know that crash bars are operative and beneficial in relation to helping with the evacuation. You will want the option to get out fast when you are dealing with a big sized group of people and time might be limited – if there is a fire, the longer people are inside, the more smoke they are inhaling. This is very serious. Find a licensed and insured locksmith to get the job done for you if you are looking for panic bar installation. This isn’t a job for a novice. A minor mistake could leave you with a panic bar that merely doesn’t work. If you are in this area, you can call us for the job. We offer competitive rates. Speaking of rates, no matter where you are, don’t worry about the cost – this is an affordable service and as mentioned, there are many options and different price points available to you. Safety should always be a top priority when you are a business owner. The last thing you want is for someone to get hurt on your watch, or for you to get sued because of a lack of protection. You need to be prepared. You need to have a plan in place. Fumbling with a door lock just is not an option if you are in an emergency. 

During a fire or flood, or even a robbery, you don’t want people trampling each other while they make an attempt to get through the door. A dependable locksmith company will be able to provide you with an inexpensive deal on panic bar installation parts and labor. Moreover, the majority of locksmiths provide free price quotes and consultations (at least, this is something we take pride in), so you can get all of the information you are interested in. So, don’t wait – pick up the phone and give your local locksmith a call.

Panic devices come along with many benefits – get one installed at your property today. 

Whether you make the decision to purchase a panic bar through your local store or you decide to go through a locksmith, just remember that having a panic bar installed is the right decision for your commercial property. Take steps to keep everyone as safe as possible. Have a panic device installed today!