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Advantages of Having Keyless Entry

Just because you’ve heard of keyless entry systems doesn’t mean that you know a whole lot about them. In more recent years they have become more and more popular. These types of entry systems are considered high-tech systems. This particular one enables you to gain access without the use of a standard type of key. They offer versatility and are well suited to be placed on various types of residences and buildings. Today, there are even keyless entry systems for cars.

At Griffin Master Locksmith in Griffin, GA, we install this type of system practically every day. They have so many benefits and one is that you no longer have to carry house keys with you. This prevents the need to have to search for your house keys. Some people have them installed because they do not feel comfortable leaving a spare key on their property. They always want to know that no one has found it and made their way inside your home. If they are always having people in and out of their home, it might be a good option. It allows for a convenient and hassle-free way to get inside your home. You have the ability to program your keyless entry system to allow specific people in and keep others out.
These are the reasons homeowners often have this type of lock installed, business owners may have a completely different reason for doing so. As a business, they may simply want a more efficient way of protecting their business from theft. Since it is a high security lock it is often far more difficult to break into. If you’re a motorist, you may want to buy a car with a keyless entry to prevent your car from being stolen. The reasons for having them is endless. You can trust that if you have one installed, it will be well worth the expense.

Modern technology can be fun. Our locksmiths at Locksmith in Griffin are happy to steer you to the right type of keyless entry systems for you and your household. It doesn’t matter the type of property you want them installed on, we’re sure we’ll be able to find the right one for your Griffin, GA home.

Now that you can see the many reasons why people decide to have keyless locks installed, here are some of the many advantages for having them installed:

Easy to Install – This is a standalone system and it doesn’t require any wiring. The keypad that is installed is also very easy to install and program. This is true regardless of whether it is for residential or commercial use. This type of lock can be fitted over a deadbolt lock and enables you to successfully and easily change the codes when necessary. If you forget your codes don’t worry, most systems come with a passkey which enable you to override the system to get inside again. This is a feature of most keyless systems that offer our customers peace-of-mind when they have no idea what their code is. This can happen, especially if you change your code frequently.

Guaranteed Safety

Your standard keys can get lost rather easily. You may not actually lose them but they may be stolen from you without your noticing it until someone has already broken into your home. You won’t have to worry about this happening to you when you have a keyless lock installed on your property. You are capable of controlling who comes in and out of your property. They are not easy to compromise since it requires the exact code to get inside. No one can get a hold of a copy of a spare key because you won’t have the need to have one. These types of locks restrict entry by just anyone and affords you additional security.

If you have a keyless entry on your door it will help prevent theft. A car thief is less likely going to try to figure out how to break into a car when they see a keyless entry. They know that these are programmable and that it is extremely difficult to break into the car with these types of locks on the doors. It would take far too long to determine what the code is. They also deter break-ins for businesses and homes. The sheer presence of them can be very off-putting to a thief. They discourage unauthorized entry by intruders and care thieves. They would rather the course of least resistance.


They not only offer a superior measure of protection but they also offer convenience. When you have a keyless lock installed some offer you the option of a remote control, which means that you can unlock the door before getting out of the car. Just be careful that you don’t do it too far in advance and risk someone getting inside before you do. 


Keyless entry systems are designed with waterproof materials, which means they can endure extreme weather conditions. They also have a long battery life, which means you don’t have to worry about them not functioning when you need them to. They should work for a long time without interruption. Many keyless systems use lithium-ion battery cells and this means they will last for up to five years.

Why Hire a Professional Locksmith?

There are some people who would prefer to install their keyless entry on their own but we would suggest that you veer on the side of caution by turning to the services of a professional locksmith. A professional locksmith with the right qualifications and one that is also trustworthy. Also make sure that the service is insured and licensed in the event that they damage something. They will have the right training and be able to effectively install your keyless entry in no time. In addition to successfully installing your keyless entry, they will also be able to program it for you. Save yourself time and frustration by allowing a professional locksmith to install your keyless entry.